VIN Assist Service Now Available Via Nlets

15, 2017

Nlets is pleased to announce the release of the new VIN Assist Service. At the 2017 Annual Business Meeting in Estes Park, Colorado, a motion was passed resolving that Nlets staff work with NICB to create a VIN Assist transaction. The VIN Assist capability provides Nlets users with information about a vehicle based on the decoding of the VIN. The VIN Assist transaction will leverage data provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Service. This capability will utilize the Nlets GVQ transaction destined to NL (Nlets) searching on VIN.
By sending an GVQ to the destination code NL, searching on VIN, users will receive specific vehicle details such as vehicle type, vehicle make, vehicle model, model year and much more.
For more information and technical specifications, visit the Nlets Wiki