Perhaps the best way to understand the impact of Nlets is to hear from some valued voices.

Curt Wood
Undersecretary, Forensic Sciences and Technology
Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security
Nlets President and Nlets Massachusetts Representative

"As the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the Nlets membership in a leadership role.  Since 1967, Nlets has provided our nation's law enforcement and justice community with a reliable and secure data network.  Each year, millions of messages traverse this network, allowing police officers from across the nation to communicate and connect with each other, sharing criminal records, offender history, warrants, driver and vehicle information, all in a matter of seconds.  Nlets is the premier national law enforcement data network that all of us depend on 24x7x365. In my role, I will continue to work with the staff and membership to improve the service and offerings from Nlets, while also working with the leadership to ensure the stability of the organization remains the top priority." 

Bill Clinton 
Operations Administrator, Arkansas Crime Information Center
Nlets 1st Vice-President and Nlets Arkansas Representative

"Throughout the history of Nlets, the organization has shown a consistent pattern of innovation and adaption in its effort to keep abreast of the latest changes in technology and meet the information sharing needs of the criminal justice community.  The need for the rapid, secure exchange of information between criminal justice agencies will only increase, and I’m confident Nlets will continue to meet that need.”

Leon Frederick
Chief Information Officer, Iowa Dept. of Public Safety
Nlets 2nd Vice-President and Nlets Iowa Representative

“If you want something done, give it to the Nlets staff—they will find a way to make it happen.  Nlets is unique—there is no other organization quite like Nlets.  There is a great collaborative and cooperative spirit at Nlets.  They innovate and advance while always maintaining the integrity and security of the system and data.  Nlets continues to provide the conduit and infrastructure necessary to connect all law enforcement and criminal justice entities throughout the nation and the world.  It is a privilege to be associated with a great organization like Nlets.”

From Our Federal Member:

Chester Longcor
Deputy Director, US Army Crime Records Center
Nlets Federal Liaison to the Board and Nlets Army Representative

"The Army's relationship with Nlets is based on a special trust and respect they (Nlets) have as an organization for all the services. Not only have they strengthened our law enforcement mission, Nlets has played a pivotal role supporting our deployed troops. The strength of the Nlets family is the membership and staff working together with a commitment to do what's right, to do it well, and leading the way. Nlets has and will continue to be on the cutting edge of new technology, security and safety to ensure a safer environment for all. "

From Our Associate Members:

Pam Scanlon
Executive Director, Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS)

Nlets ARJIS Representative

"Throughout the past several years, Nlets has excelled in implementing practitioner-based solutions that have significantly enhanced public safety operations.  ARJIS was fortunate to be one of the first agencies to utilize hosting services at the Nlets Data Center. That initiative was completed on-time and with excellent technical support from the Nlets Team.  Their professionalism, strategic thinking, collaboration skills, and ‘get it done’ approach is very refreshing in our complex and often challenging public safety environment."


Ken Bischoff
Chief Executive Officer, Western Identification Network (WIN)
Nlets WIN Representative

"Nlets is uniquely positioned to support WIN and its members.  As WIN Members are Nlets members, there is automatic respect and recognition for our missions.  This relationship creates vital credibility with state and federal criminal justice stakeholders.   As a result, WIN is able to get more business done."  


From Our Employees:

Steve Correll
Nlets Executive Director

"Change everything!
Those were my words to the Nlets Board of Directors and staff when I joined Nlets from the membership ranks in 2001.  Nlets is the center square of U.S. criminal justice exchange and has been for more than 45 years.  That isn’t a bragging point, but a critical fact that clearly describes the responsibility that we face daily.   Nlets is small but mighty, capable and compact and poised to blend the public sector governance of our membership with the power and capability of our private sector roots.  Efficiency and competence blended to maximum performance.  Nothing is completed as we continue to change everything."   

Teri Fournier - Harsin
Nlets Education and Training Program Manager


"Nlets provides a great work environment where I am surrounded by good people, which makes for an incredible business culture and atmosphere focused on teamwork. Nlets does a great job of bringing together its membership and its internal experts, which helps build stronger relationships as the business continues to grow. Likewise, I am constantly challenged to be the best that I can be, which shows that Nlets is focused on the employees' overall growth, not just professional performance."



Stewart Park
Nlets Security Specialist 


"With the rapidly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, the Nlets Security Department has experienced an unprecedented increase in demand for security services from our private, state and federal partners. To meet this need, Nlets has invested heavily in state-of-the-art security infrastructure and personnel, providing sophisticated, forward thinking security solutions to create the safest possible data exchange and hosting environment for our clientele now and in the future."