Nlets is a leader in identifying important new initiatives, recruiting appropriate partners, and procuring needed funding for the projects that will further strengthen access and the flow of critical information to the law enforcement and public safety communities. Nlets paved the way for a new age of information sharing by being the first national system implementing XML and now NIEM compliant..These are but a few of the many projects in which Nlets plays a critical role for the benefit and safety of every American.

PAL - Proactive Alerting

Nlets is currently working to construct Proactive Alerting architecture to allow users to set up and receive alerts on keywords as queries and responses are sent across the Nlets network. These ‘alerts’ will be set on primary data types, such as full name, license plate, VIN number, etc.  Secondary search criteria will also limit the results any alert can receive. The user will have the option of choosing which transactions they would like the application to monitor.

Once an alert has a 'hit', an email is sent to the law enforcement official notifying them of recent LE contact with an individual they are seeking or tracking. To view the details of the contact made, the LE official must then log into the Nlets Justice Portal and look up the specified 'alert.'

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is working with Nlets to run the pilot for AMBER Alerts, as well as other queries serving their organization. The pilot is currently restricted to Nlets messages within a regional broadcast. Nlets plans to ultimately expand the project to allow alerting in all states and with national agencies.

Nlets Portal

All Nlets message keys are available through the Nlets Justice Portal, with full image support through shared source code. Use of the Portal is free to all approved users. Distributed permissions approved by the Nlets Rep can be provided to a subset of users via their agencies ORI over the Nlets network. Advanced Authentication is already complete, so secured access is available over the Internet.

For more information on the Portal, please email John Lawson at jlawson@nlets.org.


Nlets has three primary goals of utilizing virtualization: to realize the potential of virtualization, to realize the benefits, and to build for the future. Fully leveraging virtualization within Nlets will have extensive cost, labor and time benefits for the company. Currently, Nlets is approximately 80% virtualized, and is working to continue expanding its virtualization and build-out an active/active environment.

Nlets has used its advances with virtualization to streamline the disaster recovery (DR) process, which has proven successful in recent testing. Further testing of Nlets' refining of virtualization technology and disaster recovery process will continue as Nlets continues replication to the DR site.

While virtualization does face some challenges, it also brings many rewards to Nlets, including increased data protection and optimization, easier maintenance and administration, decreased downtime and lowered vulnerability, and a built-in backup solution.