Grants Overview

Nlets is very proud of one of our flagship program areas ??? Grants.

Nlets has set the standard for a unique business model with the nearly $10 million dollars worth of grants we have obtained since we first started working on grants in 2003. Because we are a not-for-profit corporation owned by the States, we can obtain grants from funding entities like Department of Homeland Security ??? Science and Technology Directorate and the National Institute of Justice for programs that directly benefit the practitioner community on a national scale.

Nlets obtains grant money for projects such as sharing driver???s license and corrections image, standardizing rap sheets, and facilitating Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). Nlets retains some grant money to continue to upgrade our technologies, but the vast majority (approximately 75%) is awarded to the States to improve their system and services. The best part about this business model is the State recipients have to do very little work! Nlets contracts with the state???s vendors to get the work done, which eliminates the need to involve state procurement.

We are always willing to entertain new ideas for grant projects and partnering with industry and the states to ask for grants. The following pages describe, in more detail, the kinds of grants we currently have underway or have already completed. Please contact Nlets to learn more or if you want to become involved with any of our grants.