Why Nlets Nova secure cloud hosting is different

14, 2019
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Why Nlets Nova secure cloud hosting is different

Now more than ever, organizations in every industry are turning toward cloud hosting services for server infrastructure. To write that there is a wealth of cloud hosting platforms on the market is probably an understatement. By following a Trust Model of Security, Compliance, and Ownership, Nlets Nova Secure Cloud Platform differentiates itself from other competitors in the crowded government cloud provider market.

Industry 4.0 and the increasing popularity of cloud server solutions

To contextualize why the Nlets Nova platform is different than other cloud hosting providers on the market, it's important to understand why cloud server solutions are outpacing traditional hosting platforms so quickly.

According to a 2018 survey by LogicMonitor, 83% of all Enterprise Workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. On-premise workloads - in other words, traditional server infrastructures - are expected to decrease by 10% from 37% to 27% by 2020. Here are just a few of the major factors contributing to this global transition from traditional to cloud hosting services among organizations:

  • The constant acceleration of technology. Technology is developing faster than it ever has before. In fact, experts in the manufacturing industry suspect that the current digital era the world is experiencing will be looked back on as the fourth major Industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). Today, organizations that can't afford to consistently upgrade their server infrastructures will quickly fall behind.

Generally, upgrading a traditional server infrastructure requires an organization to repurchase up-to-date servers and migrate their current infrastructure over to those new machines, which can cost a hefty sum. Cloud server upgrades, on the other hand, are much easier. Typically, cloud hosting providers will take care of server upgrades, meaning that the only cost organizations bear for using a consistently upgraded cloud server solution depends on whatever plan they purchase. This makes cloud hosting services much more affordable than traditional hosting methods.

  • Increased ease of use. When an organization uses a traditional server infrastructure, their IT team is then responsible for upkeeping that infrastructure - something that can take considerable time and funds. On the other hand, a cloud service provider will take care of server upkeep and maintenance for their clients, freeing IT teams up to address more important issues.
  • Better security. In 2017, Yahoo revealed that all 3 billion of its users had their personal information compromised in a series of data breaches. Data breaches at EquiFaxQuora and Marriot over the course of 2017-2018 saw cybercriminals gain access to the cumulative data of over 750 million people.

Cybercrime is a problem in the U.S., and not one that is easily addressed. Thanks to advanced encryption methods that are only possible due to cloud technology, cloud hosting services are generally much more secure than traditional hosting platforms. Cloud server solutions also remove the need for organizations to provide physical security for their traditional servers. Additionally, the DRS (Disaster Recovery Sites) provided by cloud hosting services make server repair and recovery a fairly simple process.