Novume Announces Innovative Camera Solution to Protect Police Officers

26, 2018

Argos Guardian "Move Over Camera" Scheduled for July 2018 Release

CHANTILLY, VA / ACCESSWIRE / March 22, 2018 / Novume Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVMM), a holding company of leading specialty professional services and technology firms, announced today the upcoming release of the Argos Guardian Move Over Camera, a new traffic safety product to assist law enforcement in reducing deaths and injuries caused by move over law violations on America's roadways. The Move Over Camera is developed and manufactured by Brekford Traffic Safety, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Novume. Additional details on the upcoming product release can be found at www.moveovercamera.com.

The patent pending system will combine leading edge camera and radar technology with an advanced triggering mechanism to detect, capture and record move over law violations. It will also include a built-in artificial intelligence-based ALPR or automated license plate reader. When combined with Brekford's comprehensive citation management software suite, iP360, Argos Guardian will deliver a powerful tool to law enforcement agencies in support of traffic safety initiatives.

"We have been working closely with law enforcement partners who have been seeking a solution to move over law enforcement," said Rod Hillman, Brekford Traffic Safety's President and COO. "We worked closely with law enforcement experts through the design and development phases of the Move Over Camera to ensure it has features that support roadway safety initiatives."

Bill Tower, former Law Enforcement Liaison for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and former Commander and 28-year veteran of the Maryland State Police, commented, "Move over violations present a clear and present danger to officers, emergency workers and tow operators. I am pleased to see technology solutions, such as the Move Over Camera, in development that can assist law enforcement agencies in improving officer safety."

Move Over Laws - Saving Lives

All 50 U.S. states and most Canadian provinces currently have move over laws designed to protect police officers and emergency workers. Nearly every state also protects tow operators and other roadside assistance workers. The laws generally require drivers to vacate the adjacent lane, if safe to do so, or to slow down to a reasonable safe speed when approaching stationary emergency vehicles that are displaying flashing lights.

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reports that in the past decade, 126 police officers have been killed when struck by vehicles. The Emergency Responder Safety Institute estimates that about 7 emergency workers and 50 tow operators are killed annually by passing vehicles. In addition, there are many unreported injuries and near misses.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no effective method to record or enforce move over violations, since they happen while officers need to be giving attention to their original priority. Furthermore, towing, construction and public utility vehicle operators are faced with the problem of conducting roadside operations while being subject to the vulnerabilities created while working on roadways. The Move Over Camera will also protect these workers.

Introducing Argos Guardian

The Argos Guardian Move Over Camera provides an innovative new tool for law enforcement personnel to educate drivers and curb dangerous behavior on roadways. Utilizing multiple high-speed, high-resolution cameras and advanced tracking radar, the system will detect and record move over violations with precision. The resulting evidence package includes still shots of the violating vehicle and tag, as well as video clips showing a 180-degree view of the violation with emergency lights flashing. By measuring both the speed of approaching vehicles and precise distance from the stationary police vehicle, tow truck or highway maintenance vehicle, a complete view of the violation is recorded and stored.

The system will also incorporate advanced artificial intelligence-driven ALPR features to identify license plates and vehicles that may be wanted for other infractions.

Argos Guardian is currently in a field testing phase, with guidance from several of Brekford's longtime law enforcement clients, and is slated for commercial release on July 30, 2018. The system, and associated backend software license, will be available on a monthly subscription basis and will require no up-front purchase cost.

Law enforcement agencies will have the ability to customize an enforcement program to their unique requirements, based on existing state law and local ordinances. One option will be to utilize the supporting evidence for localized move over enforcement, but an even more powerful use will be to implement a customized "warning program" that supplements public education efforts by targeting specific violators with a warning notice in the mail. When states enact enabling legislation for automated enforcement of move over violations, the system will already have these embedded capabilities.

"Brekford is proud to deliver a highly sought-after tool to the law enforcement community that enhances officer safety. Brekford provides technical capabilities and many years of law enforcement understanding that we believe will disrupt the ATSE industry in a positive manner. Beyond Argos Guardian, we are excited about the future pipeline of innovative safety solutions that are in development," said Scott Rutherford, Brekford Traffic Safety's Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

About Novume Solutions, Inc.

At its core, Novume Solutions™ is about people - the right people solving complex problems. Novume provides government contracting support solutions, risk mitigation and crisis management services, specialty staffing, and technology solutions to corporations, schools and governments. We provide the scale and mass to deliver critical, specialized and difficult-to-find human and infrastructure resources and expertise at the enterprise level. We also invest in low-risk, high-return strategic business opportunities where we can leverage our experience and resources. For more information, please visit novume.com.

About Brekford Traffic Safety, Inc.

Brekford Traffic Safety provides state-of-the-art automated traffic safety enforcement (ATSE) solutions to public safety agencies in North America. Brekford's combination of ATSE enforcement technology and services, with a longstanding foundation in public safety solutions, offers a unique 360-degree solution for law enforcement agencies and municipalities. Additional information on Brekford can be accessed online at brekford.com.

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