Putting the Pieces Together

10, 2013

Glori Ekberg, NYSP, addressed attendees at the 2012 Implementers Workshop. She spoke to audiences about the NYSP Integrated Justice Portal and Web services for law enforcement agency interfaces. Using the analogy of puzzle pieces making up the NYSP migration of Server-to-Server interfaces to web services, Ekberg explained the integral pieces include: the portal web services, vendors and in-house development teams, law enforcement agency interfaces, and the CJIS security policy.

“The Integrated Justice Portal NYSP has implemented allows users access to an extensive, integrated variety of criminal justice information,” Ekberg explains. “Certified users are able to customize to see what they need, and are able to track the specific information for their agency.”

As NYSP migrated to the Integrated Justice Portal, they encountered challenges and difficulties, and documented their lessons learned. Ekberg encourages agencies replicating this effort to pilot the implementation with one vendor and one agency, giving them the opportunity to work through issues without outside influences. Throughout the pilot, NYSP tested with live and test data supplied from external agencies such as NCIC, Nlets and other states. “This part of the pilot was very important to helping agencies understand the external requirements for the information exchange,” Ekberg states.

“States should try to have their own certificate authority rather than relying on an external agency. This does require the state to have its own support department to set up and sponsor the certificate authority, but it’s well worth the funding,” Ekberg adds.

With the lessons learned from this pilot and migration, NYSP is preparing to embark on further Web service application projects.

For more information, contact Glori Ekberg at glori.ekberg@troopers.ny.gov.