The Nlets Annual Business Meeting is just a few months away!

09, 2019
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Frank Sinatra back in 1979 sang a song about New York City, but perhaps he did not know about Anchorage, Alaska.  Start spreadin' the news, Nlets is leavin' in June. Do you want to wake up, in a city that literally doesn't sleep?  Sunrise is at 4:20am and it will set around 11:40pm, allowing for just twilight in this zone.  Which incidentally Sinatra did appear in 10 episodes of the Twilight Zone.

Okay, seriously enough about Sinatra. On June 17th through the 20th Nlets will be hosting its 52nd Annual Business Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.  The ABM is an opportunity for membership, staff, and industry partners to collaborate on current challenges, celebrate breakthroughs, and carve out a roadmap for growth and progress in law enforcement and public safety information sharing.

The agenda is filled with updates on where Nlets is on the projected 2019 completion of projects such as; NJIN 2.0 Implementation, NOVA Phase II and LENS III just to name a few.  This conference will also share the accomplishments of the Technology, BAF, Training, Financial and Regional Committees.  Opportunities to network are abound during morning and afternoon breaks and Partner events in the evenings.   

Nlets understands that “All work and no Play” can make for an uninspiring conference.  They have lined up Martin Buser, four-time Iditarod Champion to speak about his Iditarod experiences and how “You’re only as fast as Your Slowest Dog: Elevating the Entire Team for Maximum Performance”.  There will be plenty of time to enjoy Alaska’s frontier with the long Summer days and early end of the meeting on Wednesday, June 19th.

Join us in America’s Last Frontier and Land of the Midnight Sun where vegetables and fruit grow to two times their normal size and moose interrupt golf games when they feel like it.


MaryLynne Christman, CSMM, CMP