Congratulations to Nlets Executive Director Steve Correll!

10, 2019

This message is sent on behalf of Global Advisory Committee (GAC) Chair Kevin Bowling, J.D., 20th Circuit and Ottawa County Probate Courts, Grand Haven, MI, representing the National Association for Court Management, and GAC Vice Chair Sheriff Michael Milstead, Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office, Sioux Falls, SD, representing the National Sheriffs’ Association.


Dear Global Advisory Committee (GAC) Members:

We wanted to take a moment and recognize the contributions to the Global mission of one of our members and friend, Steve Correll who as you all know is retiring.  Steve was recognized and honored at the October 8th, Global Advisory Committee meeting, and for those that were unable to attend, we wanted to share that moment with you.

Steve has occupied a prominent place at the Global table for almost 20 years and serving, since its inception, on the Global Executive Steering Committee (GESC).  He has served on, if not led, most of Global’s Working Group or task teams, serving as Chairman of one of the inaugural GAC Working Groups, the Security Working Group, out of what has grown GAC’s Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM) and Trustmark guidelines, and Chair of the Global Outreach Working Group.  Steve was instrumental in the origin of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), the standardized language for information sharing used by communities across our nation, from justice and intelligence agencies to maritime and military departments to the agriculture domain. 

The creation of the architectural framework that moved Global into the development forefront, at a time when no one had heard of service-oriented architecture, was conceptualized by Steve and former GAC Chairman Tom Clarke on a flip chart at a one-day meeting in a small conference room overlooking historic Williamsburg, Virginia.  This architecture is now a central tool in the national priorities of the day, including the monitoring and sharing of vital prescription drug information to fight one of the biggest threats we face: the opioid epidemic.

At Nlets, Steve is experienced at taking a concept, whether a deliverable, a strategy, a standard, or an architecture, and turning it into an implementationFor example, to accomplish more than 2 billion exchanges, Nlets is now “powered” by XML and a service-oriented approach.  There’s likely not a more concrete example of Global in action than Nlets.  Steve continues to reinvest Nlets' financial gains back in the justice information sharing community through the Brodie Assistance Fund, over $200,000 in one year alone.  In 2007, the IJIS Institute awarded Steve with the Robert P. Shumate National Public Safety and Justice Contributor to Excellence Award, named for the first president of the IJIS Institute.  Steve was the second person in the history of the award to receive the honor. 

In justice information and intelligence sharing worlds, time and again, you hear the imperatives of “collaboration,” and of “connecting the dots”, and Steve Correll is the embodiment of those principles and the force-multiplying power of partnership.  Under Steve’s leadership at Nlets, he has advanced programs across the entire Department of Justice portfolio.  At the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), in addition to the body of Global work, Nlets has supported the interstate criminal history exchange efforts through the Criminal History Information Exchange Format (CHIEF) project.  At the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), Nlets advanced efforts related to criminal history data.  At the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Nlets partnered on priority justice information sharing issues such as automated driver’s license readers and biometrics.  And at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, Nlets developed a robust, scalable, private, secure network with connectivity to every state and federal agency with a law enforcement component including the FBI CJIS Division and this unique CJIS data center is tailored toward the agencies and industry partners that work to keep citizens safe.

Steve’s talents, vision, and dedication to not only the Global Advisory Committee, but to the entire enterprise of justice information sharing, make our personal and professional lives better. Steve Correll embodies the ever-aspirational mission of Global, which incidentally, he coined as leader of the Outreach Working group:  Leading the way – Getting the right information to the right people in the right place at the right time.

Please feel free to share this message with your associations, organizations and colleagues as we wish Steve the best in his future endeavors.

Very respectfully,

Kevin J. Bowling, J.D. MSJA

Chair, Global Advisory Committee

Representing the National Association for Court Management

Court Administrator

20th Circuit and Ottawa County Probate Courts

414 Washington Avenue

Grand Haven, MI 49417

Phone:  (616) 786-4123

E-mail:  kbowling@miottawa.org


Sheriff Michael W. Milstead
Vice Chair, Global Advisory Committee

Representing the National Sheriffs' Association

Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department

320 West Fourth Street

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Phone:  (605) 978-5516

E-mail:  mmilstead@minnehahacounty.org