Nova Trust Model by Tony Abate

09, 2019

Data breaches have become so common that they're almost expected. Even tech giants that spend billions of dollars on their cybersecurity infrastructure, like Google and Facebook, have suffered from data breaches within the past year. In fact, in April 2019 540 million Facebook users had their information compromised in a data breach.


Acceptance of data breaches should not be the status quo. For the public safety community, there should be higher expectations for data security. This means that public safety and public safety technology solution leaders need to face the question, "Who do you trust with your data?".

Placing your trust in the right technology partner to meet your technology security needs is crucial. How do you define that trust and who do you place it with? Nlets, The International Justice and Public Safety Network, has deployed Nova, the Nlets Secure Cloud Platform, to answer these questions.


The Nlets Nova Trust Model

When asking the question “Who do you trust with your data?”, there are three primary pillars of Trust that need to be examined and qualified: Security, Compliance, and Ownership.


  • Physical security and monitoring. Nova is deployed within the Nlets datacenter, the same datacenter that houses the Nlets Message Switch and Network utilized by law enforcement across State, Federal, and International agencies. Physically secured by Role-Based Access Controls, the Nlets datacenter is also physically manned and monitored 24/7.
  • In-depth internal background checks. All Nlets employees are fully background checked regardless of their role within the company or interaction with Nova. This helps reduce the risk that Nova will suffer from an internal data breach.
  • Cutting-edge virtual security. Nova offers its clients customizable firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and anti-virus services optimized for a virtual environment. This combination of virtual security elements works together to make Nova hyper-secure and keeps the data hosted on Nova away from cybercriminals.


  • A Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliant and audited cloud computing service. Nova was included within the scope of systems audited by the FBI CJIS Division during their recurring assessment of Nlets. The CJIS technical audit of Nlets produced no findings. 
  • CJIS compliance assistance. Nlets is involved with the formation and ratification of CJIS policy alongside law enforcement at multiple levels.


  • Customer-owned data. The data that you host in Nova is wholly owned by your agency or company and there are no fees for data access or withdrawal which makes Nova unique in the cloud service market.
  • Excellent customer service. Nlets is uniquely aware of the line between customer data and Nlets services. Nlets is committed to providing its clients with superior customer service. This comes in the form of committed and knowledgeable customer service agents, as well as through the provision of superior technology. Nova servers boasted an uptime of 99.972 percent over the month of March 2019.  We have the public safety technology expertise you’ve been looking for.


As a trusted partner to the justice and public safety community for over 50 years, Nlets created the Nova platform to alleviate concerns about Security, Compliance, and Ownership. Nova, the Nlets Secure Cloud Platform, is uniquely positioned in the government cloud space to provide the justice and public safety communities, both public and private organizations, a trusted cloud service from a trusted provider.


To learn more about how Nova can help secure the future of your organization, visit the Nlets Nova website.