Region H Chair Spotlight - Colonel Joseph J. Leon Guerrero

July 14, 2022

Welcome to the 13th edition of the Nlets Representative Spotlight, where we highlight the incredible work that Nlets Representatives are doing.

Today, meet Colonel Joseph J. Leon Guerrero, Deputy Chief Marshal/Judiciary of Guam Marshals Office. Col. Leon Guerrero is the Nlets Representative for the Territory of Guam and serves as both Region H Chair and Chair of the Nominations Committee. Col. Joe has been an Nlets Representative since 2009. As part of his day-to-day work, he is the Operations Chief responsible for the safety and security of approximately 400 employees in Guam's Third Branch of Government. Additionally, he oversees the Services component of the Marshals Office including Criminal, Civil, Traffic, Child Support documents, Warrants, and Restraining Orders.

Q. How Would You Describe Your Role as an Nlets Representative to Someone Who Did Not Know What It Involves?

A. I would start my description of my role as Nlets Representative with one word - Liaison.  I would then explain the composition of principal members by highlighting the Nlets Representatives map on the website. I would also describe the role of Nlets staff and the way that Nlets plays the role of a liaison for our nation's law enforcement and criminal justice community.  

Q. What Was a Particularly Impactful Experience You Have Had Working with Nlets?

A. Rather than just listing out overall highlights, I would like to focus on one particular item:  The leveraging of the Brodie Assistance Fund for a project in Guam. The project involved sending representatives from IJIS Institute to assess Guam’s criminal justice posture and provide administrative and technical solutions to enhance the current infrastructure and technology on the island.

The difficulty with utilizing the administrative and technical solutions suggested by IJIS was continually persevering with the knowledge that although we have the best intentions, as a small island in the Western Pacific there are several internal and external challenges in the way. Though it is sometimes difficult, due to the many factors impacting our desires, we must remain resilient and know that at the end of the day, we are much closer to achieving our goals than when we first began.  

Another impactful experience I have had with Nlets was being assigned to the Training Committee and witnessing firsthand the exuberance of the assigned principal members and the Nlets Staff. 

I felt the passion for working with the committee members but was intrigued by the tenacity and determination of Nlets staff. In their minds, they probably thought they were just doing what was required of them. But in my mind, their excitement, enthusiasm, and “branding” Nlets, with the idea of creating an online course for all Nlets members, showcased their true expectations.  Not only was the product designed to reflect Nlets' primary existence to the law enforcement community, but it also indirectly reflected the primary fiduciary responsibility of Nlets principal members and their representation.

Q. What Was One Case Study Where Nlets Was Used in Your Agency/State?

A. Unfortunately, I don't have a case study or example to share that would be newsworthy but having access to the Nlets Justice Portal (NJP) is particularly impactful to Guam.  Leveraging NJP in the event of a natural disaster or law enforcement circuits being down would ensure that Guam is still connected. We are so far out in the Western Pacific and being a seven-hour flight away from our brothers and sisters in the State of Hawaii makes the NJP incredibly impactful for us.

Q. What is One Word You Would Use to Describe Nlets and Why?

A. EXCELLENCE!  Because of the investment by all 50 states, Territories, and the District of Columbia as owners, coupled with Strategic Partners, and acquiring only the very best employees to run the corporation, Nlets holds the highest achievement standards.  We all get out what we put into the corporation, and should excellence be that standard with high expectations, all stakeholders will get that standard.