Team Spotlight - Greg Gerberding

October 12, 2022

Today, meet Greg Gerberding, Nlets’ Systems Administrator. He has been with Nlets since January 2022 and shared his favorite part of working at Nlets (and so much more).

Q. What Are the Primary Responsibilities of Your Role?

A. I primarily spend the day assisting with updating and configuring servers, managing Office365 and active directory accounts. I also assist anyone with computer issues on their systems.

Q. What is Your Favorite Part About Working at Nlets? Why?

A. I really like the culture and the team - everyone has been willing to help me out whenever I’ve needed something. it's nice to be at a company where everyone works together.

Q. When You Are Not at Work, What Do You Like to Do? Hobbies? Secret Talents?

A. I mostly play video games or build Legos. I also like to tinker with electronics: building random smaller projects.

Q. Why Did You Initially Choose to Work at Nlets? How Did You Hear About It and What Has Kept You Here?

A. I came across the job posting and I liked the sound of the opportunity and being able to support what Nlets does. I stay because I believe in Nlets' mission and really enjoy working for a company who cares about its employees.