Team Spotlight - JC North

October 18, 2022

Today, meet JC North, Nlets’ Risk and Compliance Services Manager. He has been with Nlets for a little over three months and shared his favorite part of working at Nlets (and so much more). 


Q. What Are the Primary Responsibilities of Your Role? 

A. I don’t really have a “typical” day (which is one of the things that I love about my job), but in addition to overseeing the Nlets Strategic Partner Audit and Nlets Transaction History Audit programs, I am a focal point for all things compliance, from questions raised by our Members and Strategic Partners, to revising/uplifting our internal security policies and driving efforts to assess, ensure, and enhance internal compliance with the CJIS Security Policy.   


Q. What is Your Favorite Part About Working at Nlets? Why? 

A. It’s hard to pick a single thing! 

I love the mission of Nlets and our role in the community, as well as the sense of family and teamwork among my coworkers… it feels good to be part of something that matters with sharp, enthusiastic people.  There is a lot going on, so I never feel like I get bogged down in a single task or even category of work (there are always plenty of other things to do!), and the company is small enough that you can really get to know everybody.  

I also have a fantastic team! 

Q. When You Are Not at Work, What Do You Like to Do? Hobbies? Secret Talents? 

A. I’m a big motorsport fan, mostly Formula 1, but I’m getting into Indy and Formula E.  Through that, I got into simracing (I have the wheel, pedals, and all the toys), and do a bit of everything from open wheel (F1/Indy cars) to sport and touring cars, rally, and even drifting (the esoteric art of driving cars sideways).  On the weekends, I usually spend most of a day in the simulator chasing lap times (or drift scores).  I’m also a vocalist (I used to sing in bands, mostly cover bands with a southern/blues influence) and I do character voices/accents.   

Q. Why Did You Initially Choose to Work at Nlets? How Did You Hear About It and What Has Kept You Here? 

A. I worked in Public Safety/Critical Life Safety Infrastructure and National Security earlier in my career, and had been looking to get back to one of those spaces when I got a cold call from a recruiter.  After a quick bit of research, I knew that I wanted to work at Nlets, and promptly returned the call.  Between the mission, the people, and the work (I’m a bit of a policy and process wonk), I love my job and hope to be here until I eventually retire.