Nlets also maintains a blog to keep the public updated with the latest information. A downloads section is available with numerous documents about Nlets. A calendar displays events Nlets is sponsoring or participating in. An application for the Brodie Assistance Fund is also available.

Nlets provides data in number of different ways. One way is through the use of interactive maps. There are three main map types on the site: representative maps, initiative maps and message key maps. Data that Nlets collects fuel these maps to provide a pictorial representation.

Representative Map

Each member is represented by one individual who is known as the Nlets Representative. These are divided into eight regions, each with an elected Chairperson to represent the area on the Nlets Board. This election is held in conjunction with the annual Council Meeting.

Representative Map
Message Key Map

Nlets is a secure network and system linking local, state, federal and international agencies together to provide the capability to exchange criminal justice and public safety related information. Nlets links NSAs together.

Message Key Map
Initiatives Map

Read information on Nlets grants and service availability.

Initiatives Map

Brodie Assistance Fund

The primary goal of the Brodie Assistance Fund (BAF) is to support the continued development of services and technologies that directly benefit the Nlets mission and vision. The BAF is available to Nlets Representatives and their staff for travel, training and consulting needs that states may have.

Brodie Assistance Fund BAF Application


Browse our library of documents on many different topics, available for download in a variety of formats. Many of these documents are annual reports and FAQ documents.

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Keep up with the latest information about Nlets, as it works to achieve its mission and goals. Read profiles of Nlets personnel and in-depth articles about industry trends and concerns.

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