Caliber Public Safety and Justice

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Caliber Public Safety and Caliber Justice (“Caliber”), operating as part of N. Harris Computer Corporation (“Harris”), creates interconnected software products that support dispatchers, incident responders (law, fire, EMS), and correctional officers worldwide. Since 1996, Harris has steadily acquired software companies that are the experts in their specific fields, providing an umbrella of support and systemization to maximize each business unit’s unique market niche. Caliber is comprised of companies formerly operating as Global Software, InterAct, Sleuth, and TAC.10. The merging of these four businesses gives us more than 75 years of combined experience and expertise to develop and support our law enforcement products nationwide.

What is new at Caliber?

Caliber’s cloud solutions are secure, reliable, efficient, and make data sharing and citizen-connections simple. An Nlets partner since 2012, Caliber is committed to creating reliable software with unique information sharing ability that provides instantaneous access to critical, relevant information across multiple agencies.

Some Milestones for 2015:

  • Caliber’s public safety RMS, OMS, and Mobile cloud solutions, hosted at Nlets, now serve over 12,000 users across 250 public safety and private security agencies in 25 states, including state law enforcement agencies in Indiana, Texas, Maryland, Missouri, and Vermont.
  • Our nationwide real-time data sharing platform, known as InterDEx, now connects more than 625 law enforcement agencies across the United States. Moving forward, we plan to offer membership in InterDEx to all existing Caliber customers making it one of the largest law enforcement data sharing platforms in the US.
  • The Vermont Department of Corrections went live on March 17, 2015 on our JailTracker Offender Management System (OMS) hosted at Nlets. This 100% hosted OMS solution is the first of its kind in the nation to provide a cloud based platform for a statewide Department of Corrections deployment.

 What should states expect when they partner with Caliber?

The same core business principles that agencies have come to know and trust from Caliber’s 75 years of experience serving the public safety market are now combined within Harris Computer Systems, one of the leading software companies in North America. Our unique understanding of the public safety market, coupled with our proven competencies in providing cloud solutions that improve and enable data sharing, make Caliber the right choice to meet your most critical business needs. Our strategic partnership with Nlets allows states to leverage our innovative and industry proven cloud solutions in a CJIS certified environment to:

  • Lower total operating costs and allow states to maximize their budgets to serve their citizens and secure their communities.
  • Increase data awareness by delivering data to first responders at the point of enforcement.
  • Solve today’s challenges and position states to face the future with the confidence that they have a dependable industry partner by their side.

What can your partners look forward to in 2016 and beyond?

Caliber will continue to lead the industry with innovative cloud solutions for CAD, Mobile, RMS, and OMS that change legacy mindsets and lead to greater data collaboration with partners, states and national initiatives. Our primary mission is to provide and support public safety software solutions focused on improving situational awareness, officer safety, and community outreach.

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