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Who are we? 

In 1999, we struck out to fill a void in the parking industry. Technology was advancing quickly, and businesses were transforming into online entities. Parking management was struggling to adapt itself to advancing consumer needs in a digital world. We presented a comprehensive solution.

iParq built the first web-based parking system, and in the last sixteen years, we’ve helped modernize the parking resources of a diverse group of cities, law enforcement agencies, universities, colleges, and private operators across the country by introducing them to our industry leading parking management system.

We pride ourselves on offering a world class hosting, high availability system at an affordable cost. Our systems are always on, 24/7/365. Simply, every time, everyday, when customers or institutional users accessed iParq their web request were instant, and always ready.

Since our inception, we have built the industry’s most secure, flexible, and reliable parking management platform, and continue to be the strongest choice for your parking needs.

What services are available? 

iParq’s cloud based integrated solutions are listed below. A sales representative would be glad to provide a detailed demonstration of these modules as requested.

  1. Permit Printing, Sales, and Management
  2. Enforcement Issuance, Adjudication, and Collections
  3. Event Sales

What is new at iParq? 

iParq prides ourselves on being at the forefront of parking management solutions. As a software company we are driven by technological advances in industry and the world, and we strive to be the leader in our field. In 2016 we have already made advances that are applicable to your customers and your staff.

Accomplished 2016 Milestones:

  • Customized shipping options
  • New permit display – order sort
  • County and State Violation Fee module
  • Pay By Phone Service

Upcoming 2016 Milestones:

  • Chalking enforcement enhancements
  • Streamlined Enforcement Handheld process
  • Enforcement Alert enhancements
  • Account hold requests 
  • Custom Integrations

What can our partners expect?

iParq will continue to lead the industry in innovative parking solutions for permits, enforcement, and event parking. Our primary mission is to provide our clients with the tools and training to be successful in their institution and personal goals. 

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