10 Things You Didn't Know About Nlets

September 30, 2021

1) Nlets is Not Part of the Government or a For-Profit Company

Nlets, created over 50 years ago is a self-funded, private, not-for-profit corporation governed solely by the 54 lead law enforcement agencies that make up our principal membership, which includes the United States and its territories, all federal agencies with a justice component, a few associate members, and a variety of strategic partners that serve the law enforcement community.

2) We Are Incredibly Reliable

The current network average uptime is 99.987% and response is 71.25ms seconds round trip. The current system average uptime is 99.995% and response is 1.46 seconds round trip.  The top message keys that are exchanged are RQ, DQ, IPQ, CR and IQ. These averages have been consistent, showing Nlets’ reliability over the years.

3) Nova is Nlets’ Cloud Hosting Platform

Nlets offers cloud hosting that is both Nlets and CJIS Security Policy compliant.  The platform, called Nova, is secure, reliable, and built solely for the justice and public safety community.  Nova is a completely customizable, virtualized environment eliminating many of the hassles of today’s traditional hosting options. With leading technology and unparalleled customer support, Nova stands toe-to-toe with leading industry providers while catering directly to those who support officers on the street. It is ideal for all environments, whether that is primary technology, Disaster Recovery sites, or test environments.

4) There Are Over 100 Data Sources Available to Query Through Nlets

Nlets connects over a million users, 800,000 devices and 45,000 agencies, making over 100 data sources available for them to query and share. Some of those resources include Driver/Vehicle Registrations, Criminal Histories, Interpol Wanted Persons, State Warrants, Sex Offender Information, Concealed Weapons Permit Information and so many more. Nlets is continually working with our community to identify and deploy new information resources to help keep our citizens and officers safe.

5) Our Strategic Partners Make a Difference

Nlets is proud to have created strong public/private partnerships with organizations that support law enforcement and first responders. Currently, we partner with 33 companies to better support law enforcement and first responders. These partnerships support our core business by serving the needs of our members and allow qualified organizations to securely and appropriately utilize the national and international reach of Nlets for the benefit of the justice community.

6) Nlets Enables the Sharing of Images

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but many people don’t know that Nlets enables the sharing of millions of images. Some of the most common are driver and correction photos with usage that is constantly expanding. For those states who don’t support the sharing of images directly, we also provide access to those images over the Internet with a secure link and password. Having access to the right image often helps tremendously when trying to find a missing child, locate a suspect, or solve a case.

7) We Keep a Log of Message Traffic

There is a treasure trove of archived data for any query done on the network that can be used for investigations with appropriate authorization. It’s called RAND – Random Access to Nlets Data. Nlets manages a log of message traffic that travels through our network. RAND functionality provides authorized users with access to this traffic log. For more information, contact servicedesk@nlets.org.

8) You Can Read More About Us on Our WIKI

Anyone who has ever used a wiki knows that they are a great tool that allows an organization to manage content easily. Something that many people do not know is that Nlets has its own WIKI.  It has very detailed information about everything you need to know about Nlets – soup to nuts. Access the Nlets wiki at www.wiki.nlets.org.

9) Our Leadership is Involved Across the Nation

Leadership at Nlets is actively involved on a national level with numerous organizations such as FirstNet, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the National Sheriffs Association (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and many others.  Their work helps drive policy, standards, security, and numerous other initiatives for our industry.  Our network will continue to grow as Nlets reaches into every corner of the globe as we include more international work.

10) Nlets Gives Back to the Community

Nlets is focused on supporting the community in more ways than just one. For example, Nlets has a Brodie Assistance Fund (BAF) that provides financial support to its membership to implement services that benefit the greater community. It also provides funding for annual training for our State Auditors and Trainers. Additionally, we also contribute to every family that has lost a loved one in the line of duty. All these efforts are part of the Nlets Strategic Plan to give back to the Nlets community. 

Want to know more about who we are and what we do? Contact training@nlets.org.