Candle 3.0 is Now LIVE!

December 9, 2021

Since 2009, Nlets has supported a standardized specification for the exchange of Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration messages via the Collaboration between AAMVA and Nlets for Driver License Exchange (CANDLE) Initiative.  

Earlier this year, the CANDLE working group, comprised of representatives from AAMVA and various members of the Nlets community, discussed updating the CANDLE specification to better address law enforcement needs and modern industry standards. 

The Nlets application services team took their recommendations to update the standard and integrated it into Nlets’ system. 

We are pleased to announce that the CANDLE 3.0 specification is now available as a formatting option for all Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration responses sent through the Nlets system. 

Here are some of the key updates to the CANDLE 3.0 specification: 

  • The specification has been updated to support the NIEM 5.0 and JXDM 7.0 Data model. 

  • New elements have been added to support REAL ID, Communication Impairment, Emergency Contact information, ID Cards among others 


The Nlets system supports full bi-directional transformation between CANDLE 3.0 and the prior CANDLE 1.0 and/or CANDLE 2.0 specifications 

Please see the Vehicle Registration and Driver License sections of our Wiki for documentation and samples of the CANDLE 3.0 specification.  

Contact the Service Center to coordinate enabling CANDLE 3.0 Vehicle Registration and Driver License transaction in your state system.