N-Cert has Launched!

March 27, 2023
The wait is over!  N-Cert, Nlets Certification program for state level trainers, is live and ready for use today, April 3, 2023.  For your state to have access, the following requirements must be provided to the Nlets Training Department at training@nlets.org.


N-Cert Access Requirements:

  1. Notification that your state would like to participate in the N-Cert program.
  2. Designation of a state level N-Cert administrator who will be responsible for maintaining the state level N-Cert trainer user accounts.
    1. Provide administrator’s full name and agency email address.
  3. All N-Cert Modules are mandatory for certification.  If there is a module that a state does not use due to the geographical location of the state (e.g., Snowmobile Module), Nlets can disable the module for that state.
    1. The Nlets Representative is responsible for approving the disabling of any modules that are not included within the Core Modules.  The Core Modules cannot be disabled.
  4. Indicate if your state already uses the CJIS Online system.
    1. States that use CJIS Online will be automatically connected to the N-Cert training portal through their existing CJIS Online application.
    2. States that do not use CJIS Online will be provided a custom training URL that will provide access to N-Cert and allow the state administrator to manage users.
  5. Indicate if your state uses nexTEST.
    1. The link to N-Cert can be activated within your state’s nexTEST application.
    2. Local agencies will be able to access N-Cert through nexTEST; however, state trainers must complete their N-Cert training and exam in CJIS Online to become an Nlets Certified Trainer.

N-Cert State Certification Policies:

  1. For a state to be N-Cert Certified, all state level CJIS trainers must complete all modules and pass the cumulative exam with an 80% or higher.
    1. Users must train and test within CJIS Online.
    2. Users that fail the exam must wait 3 hours before attempting the exam again.
  2. Nlets Representative must verify with Nlets that the state is including N-Cert materials within their state’s core CJIS certification training materials.
    1. This can be in person, online, or provided within written materials.
  3. Once N-Cert is activated for a state, any local agency user within the state that uses CJIS Online will be able to view the N-Cert modules. 
    1. Local agencies may view N-Cert modules via the custom training URL if they do not have access to CJIS Online.
    2. Local agency personnel will not take the exam or become certified.

Please reach out to training@nlets.org with any questions.