Nlets News: Our Nationwide LPR Pointer Index is Live

April 7, 2022
What is Nlets' Nationwide LPR Pointer Index?

Nlets’ Nationwide LPR Pointer Index is a consolidated repository of license plate reads that allows you to search and locate LPR data from across the U.S.

The source of LPR data is the states/federal agencies that maintain their own LPR repositories as well as other sources of LPR data.

How Does the Index Work?

Each agency that captures LPR data will continue to use their existing 3rd party applications to store and access local data. 

However, LPR meta data and a thumbnail image (if available) will be stored within the Nlets LPR pointer index.  The full LPR images and other read specific data will remain on the system that originally captured/stored the LPR data.

Each time a license plate is captured by a LPR camera, it will be marked with an Event Number. This number will uniquely identify the image that was captured by the specific camera at the singular point in time.


Use Case for Standard LPR Search

Primary User: Investigator/Detective

Delivery/Return Method:  The query is sent over the state or Nlets’ network; the response is returned the same way.


The initial query may be based on of any combination of:

  1. Location*

  2. Date/Time (specified by date range)

  3. License Plate Number (including wild cards)

  4. Agency Issuing License Plate (usually a state – this is included to accommodate future image processing improvements which should be able to capture the license plate issuing agency)

*Note: The initial release of the LPR index will provide location searches by state and/or Nlets region only. Future releases will become more sophisticated using latitude/longitude and polygons.


Returned Results:

The results may include:

  • License Plate Number

  • Agency Issuing License Plate (if available)

  • Capturing agency

  • Event Numbers

  • Date of Capture Associated with Each Event

  • Image Thumbnail (if available)

  • Physical Location of the Record


Use Case for LPR Detail Request

Primary User: Investigator/Detective

Delivery/Return Method: Query is sent over the state or Nlets network; Response returned the same way.

Query: To send this query, include the Event Number of the desired read and as much LPR data as available, and direct the query to the ORI which made the read. Please note that this query will require both the Event Number and the associated physical location of the LPR record. Both pieces of information are returned in the Standard Query response referenced above.

Returned Results:  The response will include all data available, including the image for each Event Number requested.

Note: Depending on how this functionality is implemented within each state, this request could be as simple as clicking a button on one of the candidates returned from the Standard Query response.

Retention Regulations

Nlets honors the retention laws of the contributing state/agency.

Other Sources of LPR Data via Nlets

Other sources of data include:

  • National Vehicle Services (NVS) – historical information on parking, tolls, etc.

  • Customs and Border Protection (CBP) via National Crime Insurance Bureau (NICB)


For more information, visit Section 28 of the Nlets Wiki.

Do you have LPR reads to share using Nlets? Do you want more information? If so, contact Bonnie Locke,