Success Story: Concealed Weapon Permit Information

October 1, 2021

The following story describes how a Detective in Utah used the Concealed Weapons Permit Information System  to uncover the truth about a man who was ultimately convicted of aggravated assault:

Detective Nguyen was assigned to investigate the violation of a domestic violence restraining order in Utah where the victim claimed her estranged boyfriend drove by her house and pointed a handgun at her to scare her from testifying against him at an upcoming court hearing.

The suspect, who had recently moved across the border to Arizona, claimed he did not own or have access to a firearm and had no familiarity with them. He said he was merely driving by her house to make sure she was okay.

After running a CWQ on the estranged boyfriend, Officer Nguyen found that the estranged boyfriend had a permit to carry a firearm in Arizona, which undermined his earlier statement and his credibility.

The suspect was subsequently found in contempt and convicted of aggravated assault based partly on the concealed weapons permit information provided by Arizona.

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