Your Ultimate Guide to the Brodie Assistance Fund (BAF)

January 7, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to the Nlets Brodie Assistance Fund (BAF)

Who doesn’t need more money to help accomplish their goals and achieve their mission?

We often hear from our State and Federal members that their primary barrier to accomplishing their goals is a lack of resources to adopt new technologies, close information sharing gaps, and complete critical projects.

However, thanks to the Brodie Assistance Fund (BAF), Nlets can help our State and Federal members work toward their goals by providing additional resources!

If you are not sure what the BAF is, it is an Nlets fund that provides resources to our State and Federal members for specific projects the agencies do not have a budget for. BAF funds can be used to implement new message keys, deploy new technologies, and more. The primary thing to keep in mind is that any funding requests should benefit the greater Nlets community, not just the requesting State or Federal member.


How it Works

Nlets typically contracts directly with the member’s vendor, saving a great deal of time and effort, while also eliminating the need to go out for bid. Nlets also assigns a Project Manager, which helps relieve the burden on the member’s staff. Our goal is to make it seamless, straightforward, and as easy as possible by doing most of the work!


How Much is Awarded

The dollar awards are not huge amounts, but we know that every bit helps!  Each year, the Nlets Board of Directors and Nlets BAF Committee continue to work with Nlets leadership to set aside dollars to grow the fund so that we can make even more awards in the future.


The Application Process

The application process for the funds is very straightforward.

First, the applicant should ensure that they meet the latest BAF Guidelines, which outline the types of funding allowed, what they should do to prepare, examples of specific project requests, and more. The 2022 BAF Guidelines are available on the Brodie Assistance Fund page.

Then, the applicant will need to collect the required documents. These include a Statement of Work (SOW) and a cost estimate from their vendor. They should also obtain sign off that the member agency’s budget has been exhausted.

Last, they will need to submit the Brodie Assistance Fund Application. When doing so, it is critical to attach any relevant documentation, including the SOW and cost estimate, and send an email to Nlets’ Chief Marketing Officer, Bonnie Locke (, who will then present it to the BAF Committee for review.


Timeline of Decision

We know that deadlines are important, so we strive to provide the applicant with a response as quickly as possible. Please be aware that the approval process may involve additional questions and may require additional documentation.

If approved, an Nlets Project Manager will be assigned and work can begin as soon as the member is ready, which is why it is important that they and any vendors be fully prepared to begin work prior to submitting the application. While it is not guaranteed that the applicant will receive the full amount requested, please make sure to include all projected costs so that there are no funding shortages as the project moves forward. Dispersal of funds is worked out upon approval.


Additional Uses of the Funds

Beyond just supporting our members’ project requests, the BAF also serves a few additional purposes.

The BAF also funds the STARS/Implementers Workshop. The next combined workshop will take place in January 2023 - we will provide additional information on location and registration as it gets closer.

Also, each time an officer is killed in the line of duty, the BAF donates $500 to the family or chosen charity of the fallen officer.


Why it Matters

As our Systems Services Manager, Tony Abate, says, “We know getting things done on a tight budget can be difficult. In our industry, it can also mean putting our finest into dangerous situations because all the data wasn't available when it needed to be. In a fast-paced, technology driven world, there is a need for our law enforcement community to have every tool available at their disposal so that responses can be swift and with all the relevant information at hand. The Nlets Brodie Assistance Fund can make all the difference for your agency, and ultimately the officer on the street.”


For more information about the Brodie Assistance Fund, visit our website or contact Bonnie Locke.