Case Study - Railroad Crossing Transaction

September 1, 2022

The following story describes how using the Railroad Crossing Transaction allowed medics to locate a particular railroad crossing to save an injured individual more rapidly.

"While working the night shift, a 9-1-1 dispatcher in Nebraska receives a call from a civilian reporting what appears to be a severe accident involving a commercial train and a passenger vehicle at a rural county railroad crossing.

Due to poor weather conditions, the train’s engineer was unaware that the accident even occurred, and so the train is no longer there.

The reporting party is unsure of their current location and does not have a strong enough GPS signal to use their mobile device’s maps. However, they indicate that immediate medical attention is necessary for the passengers involved in the accident.

Thanks to the dispatcher’s quick thinking, the civilian finds the Railroad Crossing Indicator (RCI), which dispatch uses to run an Railroad Crossing Query (RCQ). The response returns valuable location and emergency contact information that dispatch provides to law enforcement, fire, and rescue. This eliminates what would have been 20 minutes of travel time to the nearest cross streets and allows the medics to get onsite to work to save the injured individuals more rapidly.”

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