Case Study: Sex Offender Registration Transactions

July 27, 2022

The following story* describes how using the Sex Offender Registration Transaction allowed an officer to protect a minor against a perpetrator who had committed crimes in multiple states.

"Officer Matthews pulls over a vehicle for speeding and the driver provides her with an out-of-state license. While talking to the driver, she notices that there is a grade-school-aged girl in the vehicle along with the middle-aged driver. The two individuals do not resemble each other, while the child appears to be very nervous and recently crying. Additionally, the driver is pointedly avoiding eye contact with Officer Matthews. When Officer Matthews asks where the two are headed, the driver says that he’s just helping out while her parents are busy and that they are good friends.

The totality of circumstances causes Matthews to suspect that the driver may not be telling the truth about the relationship with the young girl or her parents. She asks dispatch to run a SOQ to NL to see if he is a registered sex offender in any state.

The consolidated response indicates that the driver is a registered sex offender in five states, with a history of sexual assault of minors which leads Officer Matthews to take him in for further questioning.

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*Please note that the story is fictional, but the use of the transaction is portrayed accurately.

** For additional information on the Sex Offender Registration Transactions, please refer to the Nlets Wiki.