Case Study: State Warrant Transaction

July 7, 2022

The following story* describes how using the State Warrant Transaction allowed a prosecutor's office to enhance charges against a perpetrator who had committed crimes in multiple states.

John Jones is a repeat offender who has been through the judicial system numerous times for petty offenses that include check forgery and theft. He is scheduled to appear in court for another fraudulent check forgery crime. Since he is a repeat offender, the prosecutor's office wants to do everything they can to keep him behind bars so he cannot continue committing these crimes. Since John Jones is known to travel from state to state committing these crimes, the prosecutor's office wants to check if there are any outstanding warrants for similar crimes in other states.

After running John Jones’ FBI number in the State Warrant Transaction (SWQ)**, the prosecutor’s office receives information from the query that indicates he has two active warrants in neighboring states for check forgery. This helps them request the court enhance the charges against John Jones, which will likely land him more jail time.

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*Please note that the story is fictional, but the use of the transaction is portrayed accurately.

** For additional information on the State Warrant Transaction, please refer to the Nlets Wiki.