Case Study: Canadian Vehicle Registration Query

October 17, 2022

The following story describes how using the Canadian Vehicle Registration Query allowed an investigator to discover that a vehicle with Canadian plates had been stolen.

Officer Willard of the Great Falls Police Department in Montana received a call late at night about an abandoned vehicle in the middle of a busy intersection with Canadian plates. Upon arriving on the scene, Officer Willard searched the abandoned vehicle for any registered owner information but was unable to find anything.

Willard asked dispatch to run a Canadian Vehicle Registration Query to determine the status of the vehicle’s registration and to gain additional information on the registered owner.   

The response to the Canadian Vehicle Registration Query returned information about the registered owner and the vehicle’s registration status which indicated that the vehicle had been reported stolen. Officer Willard then completed the remaining necessary procedures and impounded the vehicle.

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** For additional information on the Canadian Vehicle Registration Query, please refer to the Nlets Wiki.